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Your HappiNewsLetter – MAY-JUNE –

MAY-JUNE – Welcome to your HappiNewsLetter!

I am so happy to share with you some reflective topics that inspired me during the last months.
Check out as well what’s cooking for the following weeks.
I’m back! Thank you so much for your patience.
 I hope you had a wonderful time. ♥
Now, it’s Summer Time!
We can travel again, plan our holidays, go out and chill in the sun, stay out for late evenings, enjoy some BBQ’s…
I love how it seems that the energy is renewed and how we get excited about next projects.
How is the new season starting off for you?
Take good care, you are precious.

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Choose to Savor


Love, Share & Travel the world

I got married! On May 6th, we made our union official in the beautiful City of Basel. On the 7th, we spent the day celebrating, hugging, eating and sipping Champagne in the breathtaking Château de Lucens in Switzerland. We were so touched by all the love that was shared! As this was terribly exhausting, we set off to discover 6 gorgeous islands of French Polynesia.
If you are curious about it, check out my Social Media!


Mother’s & Mothers’ Day

Many countries in the world dedicate a special day, most often in May-June, to take a moment to be grateful and honor our mothers.
Interestingly, the founder, Anna Javis, specifically noted that “Mother’s” should “be a singular possessive, for each family to honor its own mother. However, in France, we call it “mothers’ celebration”, as it started as a day to recognize mothers of large families. The more, the merrier!


Special Summer Solstice

Every year, on June 21st, something magical happens. Earth is showing off its best yoga pose, with a maximum axial tilt toward the Sun of 23.44°. The Northern Hemisphere is then granted with the longest day of the year, about 15-17 hours in Europe!
How are you maximizing the potential of these long days? Are you using your time according to your values and priorities? Is something getting in the way?

What’s next?

The Judge of Circumstances


We’ve talked about the Judge of Self and Others. Now we consider the Judge of Circumstances. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that we are criticizing a situation. The Judge makes us believe that a circumstance or an outcome is “bad” rather than to let us see it as a gift and opportunity. It generates feelings of unfairness, frustration, distress and ultimately suffering. 
Challenge of the month: become more aware every time you criticize a situation, and try to see opportunities instead.

Free 15-min Laser Coaching

15-min free coaching MAY-JUNE

You can now get some life-changing Coaching for FREE!? 
As I’m coming back from vacation fresh and rested, I have plenty of new ideas. I’m now including 15 minutes of laser Coaching (does NOT involve real lasers, fyi) during my Free Intro Call.
From now on, you get to experience the way I hold Coaching, at no cost, and without obligation.
Wanna try? Simply go to my website and book a call with me!

Together let’s unlock your Happiness potential!

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Published on June 23, 2022