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Your HappiNewsLetter – JULY –

JULY – Welcome to your HappiNewsLetter!

I am so happy to share with you some reflective topics that inspired me during the last months.
Check out as well what’s cooking for the following weeks.
It’s getting hot in here! A heatwave is covering most of Europe at the moment. A good time to reflect on what our bodies, minds and loved ones need the most. Water, rest and freshness.
What are you doing for yourself to stay healthy these days?
Take good care, you are precious.

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Choose to Savor


One Gratitude a Day…

Are you feeling low in motivation and energy? Feeling kinda meh? :/
Here is a dare for you: right now, go to your favorite Whatsapp, Messenger, Signal, Teams or else, choose at least one person, and send them a truly kind, grateful, honest thank you message. Be specific!
Mention something they did that had a positive impact on you, or that you admire, or anything you like about them. 
Observe their reactions, then yours. Then, please tell me all about it! How do you feel now?


Flying Solo, with a Guide

On July 24th, we celebrate the inspiring Amelia Earhart, born July 24 1897. She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She actually became famous as the first woman to cross the Atlantic, as a passenger! That made me think… Great achievements start with small, guided steps. What are you training on today, so that you’ll start flying solo soon? Who is your teacher, guide, coach to help you achieve your dreams? But eh, don’t get lost on the way…


Happy Bastille Day, France!

July 14th is France’s national day! It’s called Bastille day in some countries, in reference to the storming of the Bastille (a fortress and prison in Paris) on July 14 1789 during the French Revolution. However, this day actually celebrates the unity of the French people since 1790. Cherry on the baguette, it’s a bank holiday in France! People can happily watch the military parade on the Champs-Elysées in the morning, and get ready for the great fireworks in the evening. 

What’s next?

The Avoider


We are done with the Judge, Master of Saboteurs. Now, we look at the 9 Accomplice Saboteurs. Let’s start with the AVOIDER. It’s the cool one, who likes harmony, peace and Netflix and chill so much that it makes you procrastinate. It’s a guaranteed delayed frustration! 
Challenge of the month: Realize when you avoid difficult tasks, conflict, or even just saying no, or delay real problems. Toss your Avoider away by writing down your Wanna-do list and choose 1 thing you’re willing to tackle now.

Your Happiness Quiz


How Happy are you right now? How much Happy? Strange, right? Well, the University of Pennsylvania created these questions (The Authentic Happiness Inventory) to help us measure our overall well-being.
This self-assessment considers for example how you experience positive emotions or how engaged you are in your day-to-day tasks but also towards your life’s meaning.
Try it out yourself here: Your Happiness Quiz !

Together let’s unlock your Happiness potential!

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Published on July 14, 2022