Unlock Your Happiness Potential – JANUARY 23

Your HappiNewsLetter – JANUARY 2023

JANUARY – Welcome to your HappiNewsLetter!

I am so happy to share with you some reflective topics that inspired me during the last months.
Check out as well what’s cooking for the following weeks.

New year, same you, beautiful you. Let’s make it the year of grace and serenity. How could we go through life with more compassion for ourselves and others? May this new year bring you ways to unlock your happiness potential forever.

Take good care, you are precious.

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Choose to Savor

champagne January

Happy New Year 2023!

Here we are, January 2023 arrived! It’s like a page has been turned, like the world is ready for a new and fresh start. A new year is like a new chapter in your life story. And you get the chance to write your own incredible journey. What do you want it to be? To narrow down the possibilities, let’s choose 1 or 2 of these categories: Health, Relationships, Career, Mindset, Finances, Hobbies. Once you’ve defined your area(s) of focus, try to write down all your dreams first. What do you wish to yourself? What would make 2023 a true happy new year? From that, start breaking it down into smaller chunks and more precise goals. Then, reflect… How would your life look like if you achieve them? How would you feel?

Mind Body Soul January

Happy Habits, Happy Life

As we said, January is the perfect time to implement new, healthy & motivating habits such as… taking care of yourself! Like in a plane, put on your own oxygen mask first. It’s the only way to achieve what is really important to you. How to do so? Well-being is defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy of mind, body and soul. Therefore, taking care of yourself means putting in place habits that nourish your BODY: good food, water, exercice,…; your MIND: exciting tasks, mental fitness, positive thinking,…; and your SOUL: find your purpose, reflect, give back,…
Do you want to know how to integrate more well-being in your lifestyle? Don’t wait, book a free consultation with me!

Galette January

Surprising King’s Cake

On January 6th, many countries celebrated the Epiphany. Even though many of us have forgotten the religious reasons for commemoration, we continue the important culinary tradition with a ‘3 king’s cake’. We call it galette des rois in French. It’s a double pastry cake with a yummy almond filling. What’s most important is the fève, a little lucky charm that is placed inside it. If you get it, you are the king or queen of the day and even get a paper crown! An old fable tells that parents, generation after generation, share the gift of sensing where the fève is and that it will always fall on their children. And that it would multiply according to the number of children! Have you noticed it too?

What’s next?

The Restless

restless january

We start the year with the Restless Saboteurs. Perfect with all this new things you want to try out this year! The Restless is constantly searching greater excitement in the next activity. It can also be a way to escape from dealing with problems and fears… A great friend to have around with a contagious enthusiasm and lots of energy! But the cost is a growing hidden anxiety, feeling of uncompletedness and chaos.

Challenge of the month: When you’re feeling restless, stop and breathe, focus on physical sensations (visual, audio, taste, smell, touch)Realize that it’s a strategy to distract you from a pain. 

Avoid multitasking and finish up what you’ve started. 

It’s, in the end, more efficient and will bring you a clearer mind.

How to be SMART?

smart January

Now that you know what you want for the new year, let’s have a look how you can help yourself actually achieve your goals.
“A goal without a deadline is just a dream”…
Time to make your dreams clear and reachable. The most famous method is to create “SMART goals”.
S for specific: bring details to the definition;

M for measurable: define progress indicators;

Achievable: make it exciting but attainable;

Relevant: so that is motivating and aligned with your why;

Time-bound: give a concrete deadline of achievement. For example, “lose weight this year” becomes “train at the gym twice a week and stop eating snacks so I can lose 3 kg before my beach holidays on August 1st”.

Are your goals SMART?

Together let’s unlock your Happiness potential!

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Published on January 19, 2023