Today, one year up my road

Today represents the biggest milestone in my new life towards happiness and the achievement of my goals. Today and for the first time ever, I feel confident enough to dare sharing with you more about me and my journey. It is pretty scary, but also quite fulfilling.

Today, I find myself ticking many boxes of my looked-for success and overcome challenges. To do so, I also had to tick the boxes EFFORTS, COMMITMENT and PERSEVERANCE. One year ago, I was at the lowest point of my life, not able to go to work, struggling physically and mentally. One year ago, I was in the middle of a tsunami, lost, confused, and flooded.

Today, I know where my life is headed, and that is because I decided on it!

I am now constructing it everyday, bit by bit, focusing on what makes me grow and thrive.

One year ago, I was suffering everyday from severe digestive pain and couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I was too exhausted to do any activity. Today, I understand and follow the needs of my body, have barely anymore pain and lost the extra 5 kg I had gained. Today, I enjoy practicing yoga everyday and discovering some abandoned muscles!

One year ago, I could not comprehend or control my emotions and my anxiety. Today, I completed my 500th daily meditation, and that with a big smile, on my face and in my heart. Today, I focus on the positive side of life, accept the difficult moments as they are and enjoy all the little things.

One year ago, I could not have imagined doing another job or even changing path. I was petrified to the idea of losing everything I had built so far, to follow a strangle tingling feeling I had deep down inside. One month ago, I took the plunge into my new life by becoming a life and career coach. Today, I am amazed to be welcoming my second client for personal and professional development. Today, I am more than excited to wake up and work on my project, increase my knowledge and share insights around me.

Could it be that I found my IKIGAI, my reason for being?

Today, I have signed a contract agreement for an interesting side job in virtual learning. This will help me finance my coaching school and the development of my coaching business. One year ago, I would not have conceived accepting a part-time job, less senior or less reputable. One year ago, my full-time job was to take care of myself and my health. Today, my main job is to build my project and provide support to as many people as possible.

One year ago, I had no idea that appropriate surroundings could have a such positive impact on one’s well-being. I could not really believe that it is possible to actually build the best life you would wish for. Today, I finished unpacking my boxes into my new apartment in Basel, after having defied many Corona-crisis obstacles.

Today and everyday, I am incredibly lucky to have the most supportive partner in my life, Evangelos.

Six months ago, I started working with Dorota, my career coach, as a unique opportunity to help me figure out a concrete plan. It could not have been more useful! Thanks to the coaching, I regained confidence in myself, in my plan and today, this plan is on good track. One year ago, I was scared to share with my family my potential idea for a new life. Today, they understand and support me 200% and counting. I am also deeply grateful for my friends who have been there for me, sharing nice messages, pictures, and funny Gifs to keep me going!

An immense THANK YOU to all of you who support me!

Today, I have accepted a substantial purchase offer for my apartment in Amsterdam and now I am crossing all my fingers and toes for the rest of the process to go well! One year ago, as part of getting back on track, I finally found the courage to start a many-month-long renovation project, with the objective to make it a nice place to sell. Today, I am particularly proud to have gone through with it.

Today, I am so overwhelmed and excited to be on the right track to achieve many of my goals. Nonetheless, I keep in mind my ultimate objective, my life purpose: empower people to unlock and cultivate their potential towards a happier life. This is how I want to help you!

I know you can, I did it.

It is a journey, it is hard work, but it is possible. Luckily, it becomes easier and more natural once you find your true purpose and start focusing intentionally on what you love and what matters to you. I deeply believe that you can find harmony and contentment too, and I can guide you to it.

I am certain that you achieved a lot as well in the last year, and even in these last difficult months. Take a moment to be proud of yourself. You deserve it!

Do not hesitate to share with me your worries, struggles and most importantly your dreams. Together we can find the way to light up the darkness! 

Published on May 12, 2020