How to skyrocket your Happiness with sunshine and empathy?

I wanted to make a video, and today is such a beautiful day, that I had to do it.

Because I want to share a few things with you, and first I want to share a bit of sunshine with you.

How to get a little bit more happiness in these difficult times with little things and long-term happiness, and how to develop this in your life.


We know a lot about empathy about others, how to be kind to others, and not being too mean or too sarcastic, and being there for others.

But can we do that for ourselves as well, right?

What can you congratulate yourself for today?

You know, what are the things that you did well today?

And it can be very simple, you know. I want to congratulate you for getting out of bed today! For putting on some clothes or at least half clothes half pajama maybe.

Congratulations for feeding yourself.

And being there and listening to my video or reading my article !!

All those things that you’re doing in your life and keeping up hope and continuing moving on.

So, well done for that!

That was the little things of today, I had in my mind and I wanted to share.

Please share with other people around you that you think might also need to hear that. Being grateful for life and for the sunshine.

And I hope to talk to you very soon! Contact me if you want to start enjoying empathy and Happiness in your every day life!

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Published on November 10, 2020