How to Practice Gratitude in One Sip of Coffee?

Today, I would like to share with you a cup of coffee…
But more than that, I would like to share some insights with you on…

How to practice Gratitude very easily?

And this goes with just having a good cup of coffee every day!

Every time you take a sip of coffee, take a few minutes to ask yourself:

Who is actually helping me have this nice cup of coffee?

This way, you allow yourself to take a moment to reflect and think about all the people that are involved in making your coffee.

For example, think about all the people who are involved in growing, harvesting, collecting your coffee. The people who are packaging it, sending it, delivering it, selling it…

All the people who are bringing drinkable clean water to your house…
The people that are making the sugar possible, and delivering it to you…
The cup makers, the paint suppliers…
and the coffee makers, coffee machine makers…
Obviously I am missing plenty of them!

But what I find amazing is that, in just something so simple as a cup of coffee, something that you don’t even think about, or take for granted, how so many people are actually involved.
And this makes me realize,

how important their work is.

And I am very grateful for what they do. I am very grateful for helping me having my coffee every day. I am very lucky for that.

So, what else can you think about? Do you have other examples?
Please share them with us. This way, we can learn from each other!

Contact me today if you want real practice to incorporate gratitude in your life.

So that we can share together Love, Compassion and Gratitude.
Thanks and take care!

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Published on January 25, 2021