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– MAY –

MAY – Welcome to your HappiNewsLetter!

I am so happy to share with you tips and reflective topics that inspired me during the last months.
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~ MAY~

“Why is March through May the best time of the month to buy a mattress? It’s when they are the most springy.” #dadjokes
I hope this newsletter will lift up your spirits! In this edition, we look into powerful topics that can help you navigate life’s ups and downs with grace, lightness and purpose.
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Take good care, you are precious.

Choose to Savor

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Cannes Extravaganza

The Cannes Film Festival takes place annually in May on the French Riviera, well in Cannes. This year was the 76th edition, held from May 16th to 27th. Since 1946, actors, filmmakers, and movie professionals gather to celebrate the magic of cinema. Picture red carpets, dazzling outfits, paparazzi, and unexpected beachside interviews. It’s a place where creativity and glamour shine bright! 

If you could attend, which celebrity would you like to meet and why?

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Resilience & Adaptability

Life throws unexpected challenges our way, but resilience and adaptability empower us to surf on the waves of life. By understanding your mental patterns, saboteurs and limiting beliefs, you build resilience, and overcome obstacles with confidence, compassion and grace. With effective strategies, you learn to bounce back stronger, manage stress, and embrace challenges as opportunities. 

What patterns do you observe in your life today?

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Happy Laughter Day

On the first Sunday of May is celebrated World Laughter Day! It reminds us of the joy and healing that laughter brings to our lives. It was first initiated in 1998 as a way to promote world peace and harmony. People engage in laughter exercises, jokes, and embrace the contagious energy. It has many health benefits, reduces stress, boosts our immune system, and fosters positive connections. To me, every day should be a Laughter Day! 

Have you laughed yet today?

What’s next?


The Judge of Self

We start again our Saboteurs’ discovery with the Master Saboteur: the Judge.
This month, let’s look at the first of 3 aspects of the Judge: The Judge of Self.
It’s this nasty voice that makes us feel like a looser, telling us “You can’t do this” or “You could have done it better”. It’s extremely violent and activates all the other saboteurs. It makes us feel bad and generates stress and unhappiness.

Challenge of the month:
To deal with the Judge of Self, first take some time to notice when it arises. What does it say? What does it make you believe?
Knowing that these are false assumptions that create self-fulfilling monkey stories, how do you choose to reply?

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Looking For Your Purpose?

Seeking deeper purpose and meaning? Longing to make an impact around you?
Why are you here on Earth?

Explore the path to a more fulfilling life by aligning your values, passions, and talents with what’s the world needs. Search inward and define your own Ikigai, your reason for living. Discover the unique qualities that make you who you are and how you can channel them to create a meaningful impact in the world.
What’s something you could do all day and which would fill you, and those around you, with joy and self-authority?


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Published on May 29, 2023