Unlock Your Happiness Potential – FEBRUARY 22

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Welcome to your (first) HappiNewsLetter!

I am so happy to share with you some reflective topics that inspired me during the last months.
Check out as well what’s cooking for the following weeks.
Often February inspires both transition and status quo.
It is still a winter month and yet we can strongly feel the spring approaching. It represents hope for what is coming to us.
Keeping this in mind, we go through the inevitable cold times while gearing up with resiliencemotivation and purpose.
If you feel the need for a little nudge, I’m always here for you and your loved ones. How fitting with this lovely month, isn’t it?

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Choose to Savor

Crepes - february

Delicious “Crêpes Day”

“La Chandeleur” was celebrated on February 2nd. In France, it now commonly means, making crêpes!
These are the french, thin and large equivalent of pancakes and can be eaten savory or sweet. For me, it’s also a symbol of bringing family and friends around the table, conviviality and hygge. 
We take the time to savor this moment with both our hearts, and our mouths! Life is short, take another crêpe…

Rose - February

Love, Kindness & Gratitude

On February 14th, the world colored in red to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Some consider this day reserved for people who share life with a loved one. I prefer to see it as “Love Day” where we are given the opportunity to spread love, kindness and gratitude toward the ones we love, partners, but also parents, family, friends, and pets! This generates a direct positive impact on them, and, cherry-on-the-red-velvet-cake, on us too!

Flower - February

Magic First Blooms

Often during winter times, we tend to stay more inside, as the weather might not be so clement. However, the courageous ones who dare to venture in the nature might be the lucky ones. 
I always keep my eyes open in winter and try to spot the first blooms. To me, they represent the perfect symbol of resilience. Even through tough cold times, nature finds the strengths to regrow and still be beautiful when the time is right. What’s your first bloom these days?

It’s Coming…

Paris For Business

Paris - February

I’ll be away for a few days to serve my first corporate client. I’m very excited to have my first coaching business trip, and go meet the team in person in Paris! I’ll bring you a souvenir, I promise.

Random Act of Kindness

Rose - February

On February 17th, we celebrate “Random act of Kindness Day”. Isn’t it fabulous? Now you even have a reason to brighten someone’s day. Who will you compliment during the day?

It’s My Birthday!

Bday - February

On the 26th, I’ll add another candle to my birthday cake. In fact, I don’t really mind, as I will probably need a bigger cake! It’s a moment for me to reflect and to celebrate. Who wants champagne?

Same Goals, Less Days

Procrastination February

February is a much shorter month. Strangely, it’s the same workload, and we aren’t more productive…
Be conscious of the slope of procrastination and your deadlines!

Together let’s unlock your Happiness potential!

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Published on February 16, 2022