Why You Need To Boost Your Happiness Immediately

Happiness is a big word that holds many meanings, and that can be a subject of interpretation. My longing for us all is to develop means for every day Happiness, as well as long term Happiness. In this article, you discover why it is important to boost your daily Happiness, starting today. You find the secrets to building the future that really fulfills you.

From Mind Full To Mindful

If you are feeling stressed, frustrated, or demotivated, you probably are:

1) Overthinking the past:

“if only I had done that differently”, “she said that…”, “he was disappointed”, etc.

2) or the future:

“what if it doesn’t work”, “what are they going to think”, “it won’t go well”, etc.

Good news! It doesn’t have to stay that way. Yet, it is a sign that something must change in the way you live, work or think. Something is getting in the way of your Happiness.

Most of the time, when something goes wrong in one part of your life, it affects the other parts too. Taking my own example, I remember when I was frustrated at work, it harmed my personal life too. It had had negative consequences not only my mental health, but my physical health as well. And my mood. Every day, I was either angry, depressed or pretending that everything is fine.

Do you feel stuck in a negative situation that creates stress, anxiety, or depression?

It is time to change something! You have the power to end your suffering and unlock your Happiness.

Some examples

There are many practices to boost your daily Happiness. Here are a few:

  • Mindfulness, meditation,
  • Breathing exercises,
  • Yoga, stretching, workouts,
  • Gratitude and compassion practices,
  • Positive attitude and mental fitness,
  • Walks and time in nature,
  • Pets and animals,
  • Painting and creative activities,
  • Healthy food,
  • Funny movies and videos,
  • Time with family and friends,
  • Books and quiet times…

I have my favorites, but I love them all! I recommend that to start with, you select 2 or 3 that speak the most to you and give it a go. Try to keep a consistent pattern. It is not about the quantity, but the regularity of your practices.

If you have more suggestions, feel free to send them to me! The more the merrier.

The Why: What Boosting Your Happiness Does To You

Be Serene, Resilient And A Joyful Company

First of all, when your thoughts are calm and your emotions are in control, it feels great! On top of that, it becomes easier to go through any life challenge. You are less angry and are able to see others’ point of view. Then, you are more grateful for what you have and it is easier to let go of frustrations. Finally, you realize that above all, life is about having a good time with the ones you love.

Feel Motivated, Confident And Energized

When you are serene and at ease, you gain mental space, which enables you to discover what you really want. You are finally able to take time for yourself, reflect on your life and become more self-aware. With that, you can see your goals become clearer and trust yourself to achieve them. You are self-confident, guilt-free and committed to create the life you want. Thanks to this new and clear sense of purpose, you feel energized and motivated. You keep your zest for life, even when going through inevitable ups and downs.

Have Clear Priorities, Life Balance And A Fulfilling Job

With this peace of mind and sense of clarity, you can breakdown your goals and define your priorities. Then, you know what values you want to honor most in your life. You are clear on what changes you want to make. This way, you build the life that fits you in all aspects, personally and professionally. Overall, you build your own roadmap for a fulfilling career and life. Your strengths and energy are used wisely and for greater good.

Work With Me And Build Your Happiness

Allow yourself to dream the life you want to have. Where would you be? What would you do? Who would be with you? How would you feel? Who would you be?

Together we will build the new habits you need.

I provide you guidance, tips and concrete exercises. You develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and positive attitude. We refocus your thoughts to gain mental space. It allows you to finally design your dream life. For that, you have the means and the drive to make it happen, slowly but surely. Together we break down that big mountain in small and easy steps and start climbing.

With your commitment and my support and methods, we embark on an adventurous journey. We make anything you want happen and remain.

Yes, it all starts with a simple chat between you and me. Click here, book your slot, and be Happy, today.

Published on August 30, 2021