I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about the idea of coaching, I was never convinced that this was anything I could have gone for. Having been task-oriented and a very down-to-the-ground personality, I was not very convinced that talking about my feelings might have a soothing effect on me. My natural way of dealing with difficulties and frustrations was hyper-activity.
But… how long can you be hyperactive? How long can you go ahead full speed without burning out? Well, probably quite long, but what for?
Then, we started talking. And, what it turned out that there was a way to break down a natural resistance of those who preferred to jam their sorrows. Anne-Laure took me step-by-step through the journey inside my own feelings and showed that what’s actually deconstructed into small pieces can be better digested.
And every mountain can be walked if you have good shoes and understand the map!